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MDS 2013-14

Statue Restoration

Call for a Free Quote (800) 510-7530



Quality Restoration and Refinishing Services

New Life for Your Statue







Before you discard those valued traditions of many years, consider having them repaired and refinished. Our Artist can restore broken, faded, or chipped statuary to their original beauty.  Your statues will have new life.   If you have a piece that was donated or you just have an attachment to a particular piece, you don't have to discard it when its time seems to have passed.  Just have it redone for a fraction of the price of a new piece.






1.  Our Statue Restoration Service is well known in the Mid-Atlantic region.  References are readily available. 

2.  Our Artist repairs broken fingers and other appendages. 

3.  Our Artist can also manufacture new parts that are missing! 

4.  Our Artist uses several layers of oil paint to give your statue new depth, enhancing devotion. 

5.  We offer FREE estimates and competitive rates on all statue repair and restoration.


* Plaster Statuary can only be done within 200 Mile Radius of Pittsburgh, PA due to shipping issues

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