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36" Mary, Ark Of The New Covenant

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Item Number: MANC-36

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This custom hand painted 36" resin statue is perfect for both church and home settings to honor Our Lady in her dignified title as "Ark of The New Covenant." The gold base of the statue is the Ark of the Covenant plated with the verses from Revelation 11:19-12:1. Atop the Ark in deep, vibrant color is the Blessed Virgin Mary with Preborn Jesus encircled by the rosary within her womb. Fine detail is displayed in the serpent and moon underfoot as well as in the unique crown adorning Our Lady with "stones" of different shades representing the twelve tribes. Just as in the Battle of Jericho today "The Battle is the Lord's." Do you have The Ark?

Also available in a smaller 16" version.

For statue sales or questions: please contact Adam Miller directly: or 724-502-6093 

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