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Mont La Salle Altar Wine 

In 1930, The Christian Brothers were looking for a site to relocate their winery that had been in operation since the early 1880’s. They constructed a mission style complex on the site and in 1932, christened it Mont La Salle after St. John Baptist de la Salle, the French priest who founded their religious order. Because the Brothers produced sacramental wines, they were allowed to maintain production during Prohibition, contributing to their continued success as wine makers. The Brothers successfully marketed commercial wines for the next 49 years, under The Christian Brothers’ label with profits supporting their many schools, the formation program for new Brothers, and the care of aging Brothers. During this time, Brother Timothy Diener gained a name as one of the great winemakers of California and was cellar master for more than 45 years.

In 1989, Mont La Salle vineyards were sold to Heublein, Inc., and the sacramental wine brand was purchased by four former Christian Brothers winery executives who carry on the production and promotion of the label today. Altar wine production continues under the Mont La Salle name and maintains its commitment to the quality standards and responsibilities of its rich tradition.

Mont La Salle, the oldest continuing producer of altar wines in the U.S., the most widely recognized and most preferred altar wine, a name you can trust.

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