Top 10 Catholic Gift Ideas

Though there is no particular gift exchange time in a year, who does not love some gift-giving season? And, as Christmas is coming, many shops and stores are decking up with some perfect catholic gifts you can give your loved ones. 

However, choosing the perfect catholic gift to give your Catholic friends and family is sometimes difficult. Well, No worries. Merhaut is a leading online store where you can have the best catholic gifts, making your loved ones smile and be happy. 

With a huge collection of quality products and a complete assurance of a money-back guarantee on every product, you can pick some exclusive options with our store. The best part is we are available both online and offline. So, check out these top 10 unique catholic gift ideas for every age and preference for this year!

14kt Gold Filled Saint Jude Pendant on a 24 inch Gold Filled Heavy Curb chain

This pendant featured Saint Jude, who resembles a Christian saint. This pendant is a perfect piece for those who hold the character and personality of the saint. Anyone who will wear this will hold a religious significance. Also, the pendant with a base metal and covered with a layer of 14-karat gold is Gold-filled jewelry. That is why it is more durable and higher quality. 

Also, a chain with this pendant has made it a beautiful piece. The length is 24 inches, indicating the total circumference of the chain when it's clasped. The "Gold-filled heavy curb chain" means the chain is also made of a base metal covered with a layer of 14-karat gold. Also, the "curb" style refers to the type of chain that is flatly linked and interlocked. The price of the product is $400.50.

Catholic Book Of Novenas

The Catholic Book of Novenas is a collection of prayers dedicated to specific saints or intentions, typically recited over nine consecutive days. Novenas are a popular form of Catholic devotion and are often used to seek the intercession of saints, ask for specific favors, or deepen one's spiritual life. 

There isn't a single "official" Catholic Book of Novenas, as various authors and publishers have compiled their collections over the years. However, Catholics often use several well-known books for novena prayers. One example is "The Catholic Book of Novenas" by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik. Another popular collection is "Novenas in Honor of Our Lady" by Most Rev. Virgilio Noe. You will get the first one in our collection, and the price is very reasonable, only $13.95.

If you know someone interested in Novena prayers, you can easily gift it to them.

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories

When it comes to Christmas gifts, how can you forget about children? So, it will be a perfect gift option for some little kiddos. As the stories are written in a simple language, young children will love to read them. It is one of the best collections at Merhaut and one of the best-selling Bible storybooks. Believe it or not, we have sold this item for millions. 

If you want to introduce children to the stories of the Bible through some vibrant art and colourful illustrations, then Beginner's Bible is perfect and full of life and fun. The most attractive part of this book is the three-dimensional art. This book received the Retailers Choice Award winner in 2006, and you can buy it for $18.99 at our store.

11In. Walnut Crucifix With Laser-Engraved Pattern

The crucifix is a Christian symbol representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is another religious ornament or devotional item sold in a huge number. The use of walnut in the crucifix indicates that it is made from walnut wood and has a rich, dark colour with attractive grain patterns. The laser-engraved pattern could be a decorative design or religious symbols and imagery. 

Buy this crucifix at just $53.95, and you can even check the other styles and designs that add a personalized and intricate touch to any traditional religious symbol.

Sterling Silver Cross Pendant on a 24-inch Light Rhodium Heavy Curb chain

This sterling silver cross pendant paired with a 24-inch light rhodium heavy curb chain is one of the perfect Christmas gifts. Rhodium is a precious metal and belongs to the platinum group, so it has created an elegant one on this pendant. Rhodium plating is perfect for plating on silver and white gold jewellery, enhancing its luster and preventing tarnishing. 

The chain is 24 inches long, indicating the distance from end to end when laid straight. This chain type has twisted and often flattened links, creating a durable, patterned design. Thus, you can easily use it with a larger gauge and ensure it has a perfect weight and robustness. You can have this piece available at just $69.25.

14kt Gold Filled Saint Joan of Arc National Guard Pendant on a 24 inch Gold Filled Heavy Curb chain

A pendant featuring Saint Joan of Arc, made of 14kt gold-filled material and a 24-inch gold-filled heavy curb chain, is a beautiful yet elegant gift item. The gold layer in gold-filled jewelry is typically much thicker than the normal gold-plated items. Hence, it is more durable, and you can consider it a longer-lasting option.

The chain length is a 24-inch chain, which is relatively long and typically falls below the neckline. The links are twisted and interlock as it comes with a curb chain. "Heavy curb" implies that the links are thicker and stronger. The entire chain, including the links, is made from gold-filled material, providing a more luxurious appearance. Buy it at $351.75 today. 

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Mary, Ark of The New Covenant Medal - With Box

The Ark of the New Covenant is a symbolic representation of Mary in Christian theology. Resembling this, we have come up with this Gold-plated sterling silver item with the box indicating a beautiful catholic gift you can give any catholic friend. 

This sterling silver is known for its durability and beauty and is coated with a layer of gold. This piece gives a luxurious appearance, and you don't need to worry about the affordability and durability of sterling silver. And, as it comes with a box with the medal, it is perfect for presentation and storage. It adds an extra touch, making it suitable for gift-giving or personal safekeeping. You can buy it for $91.25.

St. Anne Chaplet

The St. Anne Chaplet is a set of prayers, and beads are used too. In Catholic devotion, St. Anne is traditionally recognized as the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. 

This St. Anne Chaplet is a beautiful gift typically consisting of a specific arrangement of beads and a crucifix or medal. Devotees use this chaplet to seek blessing from St. Anne for various intentions, such as motherhood, pregnancy, and family life. This extremely beautiful chapel is available at $7.95 in our store. 

Tiny Saints Charm - St. Teresa Of Avila

In Catholic tradition, Saints are pure and soulful personalities. St. Teresa of Jesus was a Spanish mystic, writer, and reformer. She was even recognized as a doctor of the Church. 

Many brands create cute miniatures of durable charms featuring various saints. Each charm is designed in a way and sold by attaching it to keychains, backpacks, or even jewellery. At our store, this piece, St. Teresa of Avila from Tiny Saint Charm, is perfect catholic gift for showing your small token of love. This tiny saint charm featuring her small image and name is a perfect gift and is available for $6.00

9.75 " "H St Francis Figure

When it comes to christmas gifts, decorative items are always perfect. The statue symbolizes the personality of the pure soukled saint St. Francis of Assisi. He was known for his loveable nature and kindness to animals. 

These figures or statues are perfect for gifting a family person, even your single friend, as it is mainly used in different religious settings gardens. This perfect decorative piece is 9.75" in height, priced at our store at $47.50

So, here are some of the Catholic gift ideas that are perfect for Catholics. We take great pride in selling top-quality products at affordable rates to consumers. So, are you prepared to make this Christmas more memorable? Also, you can purchase these items throughout the year with our store. So, keep shopping, and explore why we can be your go to store for every time.

Top 10 Catholic Gift Ideas
Matthew J. Merhaut 23 December, 2023
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