Building foundation for your children with bible teaching

Childhood is the time when human nature can be nurtured properly to ensure your kid can grow and prosper with time. If this crucial time is missed, you might not get another golden opportunity to instill faith, moral, and ethics in your child any longer. With this mere thought, most parents push their kids to learn bible from a young age, almost around 5 to 6 years of age. This allows children not only to imbibe the teachings in the holy book but also understand the inner meaning of every sentence and sacrament. Furthermore, learning the bible from an early age ensures proper nurturing of a kid into a true human being with thoughts of selflessness and redemption flowing through the blood. 

Since the bible is now given immense importance for a child’s life, we have curated a complete guide to help you include it in your kid’s daily routine. Additionally, we have also shared a few more relevant facts on bible teachings, like its importance for the true nurturing of the young minds and hearts. 

Why should children read the bible from an early age?

Before discussing any other fact, we should interpret the importance of reading bible books online from a kid’s perspective. This will help you acknowledge the importance of the teachings in this holy book and how they can influence the growth of your young one. 

  • Ethical and moral guidance:
    Kids are known to be the purest beings on the earth. Their hearts and minds do not have any judgmental thoughts or differences, which is why they always get influenced by several external factors. That’s why providing them with strong ethical and moral guidance is crucial for everyone. Bible teachings play a crucial role in doing so as they can offer valuable lessons to the young minds, including those of kindness, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

  • Spiritual development:
    Another reason to coax your child into reading the bible everyday from an early time is to develop their spiritual persona in the most feasible manner. Truth be told, this holy book lays the cornerstone of faith in Jesus and his preachings while aligning the life actions with religious beliefs. In the long run, it boosts spiritual growth of children and helps them understand the value of being faithful towards the almighty. 

  • Historical knowledge:
    There is no doubt that the bible records some of the most important historical events since the birth of Jesus which couldn’t be found in any other book, not at least in the true form. That’s why making your kids read the book everyday is crucial as it will help them gain valuable insights into the bygone eras and the events that took place, whether it’s the crucifixion or the reincarnation of Jesus.

  • Cultural literacy:
    Children should learn more about their cultures and value every fact from a young age, which is why reading the bible and imbibing its teachings is crucial for every young mind. By reading the bible book online, they can understand the references of the idioms, phrases, and stories that point to the specific facts of their culture in the easiest possible manner. 

Which bible is best for children for building foundation?

Since there are so many different types of bibles available in a religious store, choosing the right book is crucial for building the foundation for your kid. A wrong choice will not only create hindrances in their spiritual growth but also might cause problems in understanding the true meanings of the teachings present in every sacrament. So, below we have explained the four most suitable bibles for children that you can buy. 

Children’s story bible: The teachings and events are described in a story illustration form in such bibles, which make it easier for the young minds to understand the meanings and adhere their thoughts accordingly. Colorful pictures and illustrations are often present to increase the concentration and ensure kids can confer the teachings in the best possible manner. 

Illustrated bible: With an illustrated bible like “The Action Bible” from Sergio Cariello, your kids will be able to understand the difficult events and stories in the easiest manner. Each page explains the facts in the form of colorful and engaging illustrations, like pictures, maps, and other visual elements so that one wouldn’t have any problem in deciphering the meaning. 

Children’s devotional bibles: These bibles are curated to allow kids infer the meaning of the text properly and connect with the teachings at a personal level. They often contain passages accompanied by activities, prayers, and brief reflections. Furthermore, a few books also contain prompts and discussion questions so that children can express their thoughts about the teachings and phrases. 

Study bibles for kids: Another type of bible you can get for your young one is the study bible, which is indeed the best form to help them understand the moral, ethical, and religious facts. They have detailed information that provide valuable insights into the texts and help kids infer the contextual meaning easily. Thanks to the footnotes, sidebars, and maps, kids can easily understand the cultural and historical references of the stories presented in the bible. 

How to build the foundation of your kid with a bible?

Although we have discussed the important role played by the bible book online in building a kid’s foundation, you might face difficulties in achieving success in the job. Making the kids sit and read every page of the bible and imbibe the valuable teachings isn’t a piece of cake. Therefore, to help you further, we have mentioned a few pro tips in the below discussion. 

Make reading the bible a priority:
Children often like to skip reading any book and engage themselves in games and other activities. So, you should ensure that they do not do the same with the bible since reading the book daily is the only way to build a strong religious, cultural, and spiritual foundation. For this, dedicate a specific time, like before going to bed or after waking up in the morning, to read at least two pages of the bible and pray. 

Tell stories in an imitative manner:
Another way to keep your kids engrossed in the bible is by telling them the stories and events in an engaging and conversational manner. Rather than forcing them to read the texts by themselves, you should translate them into stories and convey the teachings and other discussing facts. It will help you to spike their interest and ensure they can imbibe the teachings appropriately without further difficulty.

Ask questions:
Do not forget to ask them about their thoughts and beliefs after reading the bible every day. The more you discuss the facts with them, the better you can understand if they are able to adhere to their beliefs with the teachings present in the bible or not. Accordingly, you can modify the strategies to ensure your kid can become successful in understanding the bible properly.

Teach about God’s words:
Since kids do not usually like serious conversations and matters, you shouldn’t force them to read about God's teachings all by themselves. Instead, teach them about the words like redemption, selfless love, and so on in an engaging manner so that they can have a true reflection of the facts and infer the meaning properly. 


After going through the discussions, you now understand the notable role the bible plays in building the foundation of young minds. So, it’s your responsibility to make strategies and allow your kids absorb the religious and spiritual beliefs laid down by this holy book. 

Building foundation for your children with bible teaching
Matthew J. Merhaut 30 April, 2024
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